Attractive man with computer sitting on couchSo you’ve found your Iowa City dream home, and it has stucco….. you don’t know a lot about stucco, so you’re researching. You’ve come to the right place! 

 Q: Before I put an offer on a home with stucco, what signs should look for to know if there is an issue?

A: Check the windows from the interior to see if there is discoloring or if the base trim is warped, this would be an indication of a leak. Moisture getting into the house due to cracked stucco could produce a moldy smell in the house -this would indicate there are leaks into the wall cavities, but not show any other signs of leakage such as discoloration. From the outside of the home, check to see if there are brown streaks below the corners of the windows. Additionally, look at the intersections of walls and roofs for brown streaks too.

 Q: How long does stucco usually last?

A: On stucco that was applied properly and well taken care of, a homeowner should experience a very good “life” of their stucco installation. The hard surface of stucco resists abrasion and can withstand many climate changes…such as hot and cold, wet and dry. Many homes built 100+ years ago still have beautiful stucco with little maintenance.

 Q: How often does stucco need repairing?

A: Stucco needs repairing a lot less often that you think….it’s actually more about the maintenance of your stucco. Periodic maintenance would include cleaning to remove dirt, grime, or tree sap. Typically, washing with a hose and household detergent is usually sufficient to clean a stucco exterior. With proper maintenance, the frequency of repair tends to be much less than other types of residential exterior products, such as wood, brick, and vinyl siding.

 Q: How do I go about a stucco maintenance or repairs?relaxed man with computer talking on mobile

A: Contact an Iowa City stucco professional to discuss your stucco maintenance or repair needs. A good plan will further extended the life of your home’s stucco finishes.

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